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5 Romantic Miami Beach Houses for Sale

August 1, 2017

The most beautiful, relaxing city in the United States has another overlooked characteristic— how romantic it is. Don’t believe me? This article is highlighted 5 of the most romantic Miami Beach houses for sale. Whether it be for its curb appeal or amenities, we’re about to break it all down. Nothing says romantic getaway quite like the most luxurious homes in the country to spend time together in. You’ll already be swooning over these properties, why not swoon over your loved ones as well?

  1.     85 Palm Avenue

Miami Beach Houses for Sale Pool

This jaw-dropping home feels like a tropical paradise from the moment you walk in. Lit in the night, the warmth of the colors gives off the romantic feel right away. And just look at the pool, it’s like something out of a movie—

Tell us this isn’t romantic! The property is incredibly spacious with 8 bedrooms/ 8.5 bathrooms, but that doesn’t kill the mood. On a 30,000 square foot lot, you’ll find plenty of space to spend quality time with your special someone, even if the rest of the house is packed with people.

  1.     8000 Bay Drive

This home looks like it’s straight out of a movie. Complete with a wood-burning fireplace to snuggle up with your love, and a gorgeous courtyard to sneak away to when you want to feel a little bit of adventure.

  1.     6530 Allison Road

The sheer sight of this home gives you the urge to spend time with someone special, doesn’t it? Sometimes the vibe is everything, and this 4 bedroom/ 4.5 bathroom home well exceeds those expectations. The heated swimming pool also just screams “romance”.

  1.     1125 North Shore Drive

If you can believe it, this home is even better in person. Tucked away on the largest lot of the island, this home is an absolute romantic getaway. It boasts beautiful fruit trees and other plants that make this home seem too good to be true (keywords: seem).

  1.     16 Palm Avenue

And last but absolutely not least, this stunning Miami Beach home for sale is a romantic hideaway like you’ve never seen. Located in the amazing South Beach neighborhood, this home has romance as well as practicality, and fun.

The Miami Beach homes for sale are not only luxurious and practical, they’re also incredibly romantic. See for yourself, your dream home awaits.

If you’re interested in a property mentioned in this article, contact the experts.

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